About Local Rank

Knowing who you are dealing with is especially important when entrusting someone with your search engine optimization.

We know how stressful it is for you to find the right local SEO company. So we want to make this page as easy for you to know you’re making the right call.

With decades of experience, our management team has the skills you need to keep on top of the latest Google algorithm updates.

Our Vision


Tired of high pressure SEO sales staff pushing clients to sign agreements they don’t understand. And then locking them in to long term contracts. We are sick of hearing this from clients.

Our perspective is, we know how to help you in local SEO, there is nothing to pressure. We know we are providing a valuable service at a reasonable rate, and believe you’ll be more than happy to stay with us for the long term.

So, here are the things we stand by:

  • No long term contracts
  • No high pressure sales staff
  • Understand what you’re signing up for
  • Results are the main focus
  • ROI is our ultimate goal for all clients

Yes, that is right, you can pay month to month. We are confident if you give us a few months you will see positive results, and cannot guarantee rankings in a month, we won’t force you to stay with us. Not happy with the progress after the first month, no problem, keep the local SEO work we did and move on. Life is too short for us to lock you in to a contract when you’re not happy.

This is our commitment to you as a local SEO company.

Meet The Team

Who is behind the business?

Joshua Van Horn

With 15 years of SEO experience, Josh has seen it all. Working with over 1000 SEO projects and WordPress sites from A to Z, rest assured you are in good hands. He is confident on the SEO Google ranking process we provide to clients. Josh is our company CEO and ensures clients and operations are running smooth.

Mike Michelini

Add in another 15 years of SEO experience and you have a rock star management team. Mike has worked with search engine optimization to build up his own network of e-commerce businesses. He has worked with clients from across the US. Fascinated with content marketing and achieving Google ranking to grow businesses, he is our VP of business strategy.

Work With a Local SEO Company Who Is Here For You

Don’t sign a contract you don’t understand! Hey, send over our competitor’s contracts and we’ll let you know what we think! There are no more secrets in search engine optimization! It takes consistent and strategic work to build up and maintain your rankings.

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