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Have a Local Business? You Need Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Times are changing fast. Business owners, especially local-based business owners, have to keep up with the changing times. No longer can you pay your yearly dues for a phone book listings and “rake in the cash”. Nowadays there are so many critical factors to ensure you are getting the deals you need to keep your doors open.

Let’s break this down. First local, you get – means that it is in the neighborhood. People looking for a service provider in a certain district, city, or state. A location.

SEO, this one has gotten a somewhat bad rap over the years. It stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of coming up in the “Free” search results of Google and other online search engines.

So putting local + SEO together, it is a bit of a special sauce. SEO by itself is the top results of the free listings – but local is much more dynamic. Things such as:

  • Map Listings
  • Business Verification
  • Brand Visibility
  • Local Listings
  • Paid Directories
  • Search Rank

Its because Google has been working hard to make it “Easier” for the user. And no, you’re not the user, the user is the person on their mobile phone on the street corner down the block searching for a local hair salon. They want to quickly see who is nearby, and who is the most reputable business.

We work hard to ensure that person searching on their phone in the street corner finds you first!

This, in a nutshell is local SEO.

How Local SEO Works

So, get what it is. Now, on the edge of your seat to get the process rolling.

Once you contact us for a proposal, and we get working together, we will do a list of things such as

Website SEO Audit

Before we increase the clicks to your site, let’s get some low hanging fruit. Many times web design agencies make obvious blunders on SEO because they just don’t have the training. We will give you a few things to tweak on your site to boost the local Google ranking results we will work towards getting you.

Finding quality website link opportunities

We reach out to quality and relevant websites on the world wide web who want to help your business. There are blogs and media companies who need quality service providers like you to tell their fans and visitors about. Let us help you get in front of them and boost your search engine optimization presence.

Create New Citations

What’s a citation? Just another word for a local directory listing. Have you spent the time to add your local business to various online directories? Too busy you say? Or, your phone number, address, or other contact information has changed? Getting these added and up to date is critical to your local SEO success.

Ensure Site is growing

Local SEO isn’t a one time and you’re done kind of process. Let us ensure you get in the top rankings and stay there. As new competitors enter the market, and as things change in the Google gods algorithm, let us keep on top of it. As always, we want you to focus on what you do best, running your local business and converting those leads to paying clients.

Start Today! Request a Free Local SEO Proposal

So what are you waiting for. Take our free, no obligations local search engine optimization proposal. Learn how you can boost your rankings and get unlimited clicks to your business.

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